Monday, February 7, 2011

The fastest cars present at Boneville

It takes a while to understand,Quality Wallpapers overwhelmed by strong sensory impulses coming from the surreal landscape around you, the immensity of white, flat, primary stretching in all directions as the eye can see, the brutal brilliance of the surrounding mountains, cruelty which sunlight strikes the whole picture - what makes the racing that took place at Bonneville speed a unique and unrepeatable experience.

Sound. Lacking, compared to the sound of this constant, dull, familiar cars on a circuit or giving tours furious roar that accompanies a dragster competition. Only occasionally break the silence awakening the life of an engine coming from the speakers or the roar of a car blocked the track turns to salt. But even these are different without changing gear after leaving the place without a stick to push up the bottom of the accelerator, all that remains is seriously humming of the car that left behind mile after mile, the lost in the distance. between them, the atmosphere on the fastest circuit on the planet is calm as a definition of serenity.

But there is something beyond the sound itself: the complete absence of mondenitatii. You are not on the list of multinational sponsors, not you "girls hospitable landscape, not a pop star you" hanging "in the event, you are not worthy of a generous budget smaller corporation or even a place where you can get rich overnight . Missing and real media coverage, except in moments when any rocket on four wheels trying to defy the speed of sound. Permanent facilities that give contemporary living comforts are nonexistent, as five-star hotels, and Dolce & Gabana not appear in the landscape. Everything is the opposite of the way in which motor sport shows in locations such as Monaco or Dubai.

It's hard to believe that Bernie Ecclestone would like very much Bonneville.
Bonneville is part of his aristocracy, and although they are not the kind of people interested in titles, and Vesco family certainly part of it, and if you're thinking really understand what they eat this kind of racing, Team Vesco Where is a good place to start. Johnny Patriarch Vesco was one of the young hot-crazy Rodd who came in late '40 Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, organized regular meetings, competitions were held sporadically speed here on time teens, but these passionate young rodders have Salt circuit made of a motorsport event in the true sense.

His son Don, who died of cancer in 2002, still in effect set the world record for wheeled vehicles to 737 km / h, with a turbine-powered streamliner designed and built by his brother Rick, of course, our own workshop. Rick holds a record in itself exclusive territory lying beyond 483 km / h, as partner, mate and at the same time, the old family friend, Dave Spangler, success in which more than 100 people can boast of Malcolm Campbell at Andz Green.
Rick's daughter, Rhonnie, 26 years, found by pilot early in his career, recently passed the barrier of 370 km / h on board refacutului streamliner "Little Giant" made first here in 1957 by Johnny. Salt, it seems, appreciable amounts of inhaled fly when they create a fireball with a little less speed than cocaine addiction, but it transmits hereditary.

However, besides the Team Vesco or the other major teams, Bonneville is still the land of weekend warriors, rodders simply that, as Burt Munro in "The World's Fastest Indian", have always dreamed of "doing something important." For these drivers there is an infinite series of classes dedicated to modified cars and dragsterelor newcomers.

Being first to Bonneville, Jack Goss came up with the Chevy engine Rambler trailer or 2253 kilometers from Fort Smith, Arkansas, "because I always wanted to run track and salt, finally, m I decided to go for it. " Ron, his son was at the wheel while the team - no surprise - is made up of other family members who have taken leave to help them. Garz Fisher of Graham, Texas, brought a Dragster, a former "owner" of record at the Salt particular bought a car in the hope that history will be auspicious debut in the speed races. "We drill a piston at the very first pass ... but, however, was incredibly fun as long as the duration, that is all I can say. "

Unfortunately, land speed racing is more difficult than they seem at first sight and not just for novices in motorsport. Honda F1 came here in 2006, one of the GP team athletes spend a week in an attempt to reach 400 km / h for two consecutive times (if you want to own as a performance that official average speed). I succeeded.

Part of the problem is the altitude: 1280 m in height, Bonneville is not exactly the ideal place in which an engine to show the full horse-power engineering and real witchcraft is necessary to find the ideal settings. But the biggest difficulty you encounter in Chapter traction. The first layer of salt is very strong after it dries out after flooding over the winter, assuming a consistent look and a marble nepolisata but above to find fine salt, granulated, like the sand blown by the concrete.

Veterans sometimes compare the road surface with ice, so use all the power developed by engine without losing anything on the spot by turning the wheels is a challenge that we have to do from the beginning till the end of the race. The real "pilots salt turand not leave the place or the engine wheels patinand spectacular, but releasing sensitive car assisted by a car that pushes, and those with experience will tell you that to 322 km / h you're in a permanent slide with all four wheels. "Sometimes, a pilot said, when things get extremely complicated, all you can do is to let go and let the car steering wheel to make his head only to be turned away."

Honestly, Bonneville is far from being the most convenient place for a spectator if he planned it in time. To get there can be a laborious process, especially if you're not in the United States of America. The nearest civil airport is located in Salt Lake City, which reduces the chances of finding a terrific race to direct it, and, anyway, following a two-hour journey by car.

Perhaps it would be better to fly to San Francisco, at a day's drive of Salt, but the journey through the west coast has all the ingredients for a wonderful holiday. Ah, it would be better not to mention nothing of Salt Flats where you rent a car company, and in return make sure you teach thoroughly washed.

Accommodation in the small nearby town of Wendover (only available if you do not want to commute to Salt Lake City) can be a real problem during the race, so make your reservation early. Wendover is perched on the border between Nevada and Utah Highway 80 and you will find a lot of typical American motels. together with a chain of hotels on the slopes significantly from Nevada, they are dedicated people who come to play at the casinos in the area, but much more weakly and traffic serving the tourist is going to calm Salt Lake City. But you should not forget that Monaco is on, so it is pointless to try to impress your dressing four needles.

Of the three sites open yearly in September and October are the most interesting and usually less crowded than in August, but at the same time, it is more likely to have part of a rainy weather. Even in the months of "cool", here you are in the midst of the desert, so sunburn and dehydration can put down in a moment. Take your hats, caps, sunglasses, water, creams, chairs, umbrellas and anything else you can think that you might be helpful if you go to field in the middle of the desert.

Bonneville is a place dedicated solely for speed. Relentless competitor with mere spectator, remains the only place on earth where only speed counts. Once there, certainly, the virus will get you miles per hour and you will not find peace until you come back. Dependence of salt, it seems, is not only hereditary, but also contagious.

Formula 1 2011 season

FIA World Council released Wednesday, the official calendar of 2011 Formula 1 season. For the first time in history, will be 20 Grand Prix, and the only big news in India representing a race write articles online for money.
Like this year, the season will begin in mid-March with the Grand Prix of Bahrain and will end in late November with the Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos, which thus regains the last place in the calendar for the first time since 2008.

World Forum on Brazilian race reinstated that get used up two years ago for the teams to reduce travel costs between India and Abu Dhabi, countries that are very distant mica.O Another change is that Turkey will host the first European race of the season, replacing the traditional MP in Barcelona, which was moved two weeks later.

The big novelty is the inclusion of India in the competition calendar, so the last six races will be held outside Europe, another premiere for Formula 1.

Instead, the FIA World Council has announced that the number of teams will remain the same, namely 12, pointing out that "none of the candidates did not meet the requirements to be received in the World Championship. " Among the teams who sought a place in Formula 1 in 2011 include the Epsilon Euskadi Spaniards and Italians at Durango, the latter in partnership with former world champion in 1997, Canadian Jacques Villeneuve.

Volkswagen will present in Geneva restyled version of the Tiguan SUV

The new model was unveiled in German carmaker mistake on the official site write articles for money

While VW officials wanted complete discretion to debut around the world that will consume the write articles online for money.

Swiss Lounge, someone within the company dropped (intentionally or not, nobody knows ...) that write articles for money online

photo, which shows sustained aesthetic pattern changes in Wolfsburg.write articles fast write articles and earn money

The main changes are found at the front, where the SUV has a new front bumper,write articles for money uk.

a chrome grille and headlights, which now integrates with LED daylight. For this technology will also benefit rear lights.write articles and get paid

Of course, once they realized the mistake committed, German officials have withdrawn from the official site image write articles.

As mentioned, the official debut of the Tiguan's facelift will take place at the Geneva Motor Show in the early days

of March, while sales in Europe will begin after the Swiss show.

Monday, January 24, 2011

View this gallery of Mercedes-Benz SLK


Mercedes SLK offers a more angular design than its predecessor, many details were inspired by big brother SLS AMG.

Since this is a convertible, it must be said that the Germans have decided to keep the hard-top roof, but they improved with a glass panel called Magic Sky Roof. Available as an option for 2,000 euros, It is able to change transparency by simply pressing a button, for example, can become opaque to prevent overheating in case of a passenger hot summer days.

Aesthetic kinship with SLS AMG interior feels and where the vents are distinguished big retro look, a completely new board tools and a higher level of the previous generation equipment, which includes, among others, AIRSCARF system that warms the throat and head lamp units and a new automatic adaptive 7 reports.

Regarding the range of engines, the new SLK has got three engines: two petrol units of 1.8 liter, 185 hp each, which will equip the SLK200 model, and one of 205 hp, which will drive the SLK250 model. Entry-level version can be ordered with a manual gearbox with six gears, the new SLK, which helps to accelerate from 0-100 km / h in only 7 seconds. Top of the line, SLK350, will be animated by a V6 3.5-liter direct-injection, which will be able to develop a total power of 305 bhp. Connected to a seven-speed automatic transmission, it can sprint from 0-100 km / h in just 5.6 seconds.

Great surprise to those prepared by a Mercedes diesel four-cylinder engine is twin-turbocharged 2.1-liter that produces 205 hp. Subsequently, the new SLK range will be introduced and an AMG version, which will feature a 430 horsepower V8 engine.

Mercedes-Benz SLK will be available starting January 17 at a starting price of 38,675 euros with VAT included, valid for the SLK200 model.

Subaru has announced that the European version

Subaru has announced that the European version of the model awakening will be presented in world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in the early days of March.Subaru awakening will be the first compact MPV developed specifically for the European market Japanese manufacturer that offers a generous interior space.

In terms of style, Wake is basically a redesigned version of the Toyota Verso S, the only changes being made at the front. Versatile interior of the new model shows a number of other benefits such as material quality, comfort, functionality and maneuverability.

In terms of engines, European customers will be able to order two new engines Wake: a 1.3-liter gasoline and a 1.4-liter turbodiesel.Thanks to its ingenious design and innovative technology, Subaru Woke guarantees greater security, increased efficiency, and care for the environment by a CO2 emission level of just 113 g / km.

In Romania, the new Subaru awakening will be available for sale since March, immediately after the launch in Geneva.

Swedish Saab released the first official photo of the new 9-5 wagon SportCombi.


Swedish Saab released the first official photo of the new 9-5 wagon SportCombi.Versiunea midsize sedan will be unveiled in March in Geneva.From an aesthetic point of view, 9-5 SportCombi has the same sporty look with a low posture and a dynamic and attractive, whose inspiration was, as with the sedan, the Aero X concept features a Scandinavian's estate plunged to the rear roof line, where we find a very sloped rear window, flanked by specific Saab panoramic side windows.

Intelligent management elements include floor foldable luggage adaptable, flexible U-rail system setup in the trunk space and storage space under the floor with a waterproof compartment for wet items. Also available in a programmable gate electrically operated.

Smart Space includes a load floor that folds adaptable, providing more storage compartments, with a volume of between 527 and 1,600 liters (depending on the position of the rear seat, 60/40 folding).

The new wagon will be offered the same range of turbocharged petrol, diesel and bioethanol as 9-5 sedan. SportCombi is equipped with an advanced all-wheel drive Saab XWD and advanced features such as adaptive chassis control DriveSense Saab, adaptive cruise control, Bi-Xenon adaptive headlights Smart Beam, keyless access and starting, three-zone climate control and display Head-Pilot Up Display that projects information onto the windscreen as airplanes.

Order book for the SportCombi opens in March, the first deliveries will take place in September.

View this gallery of Subaru Impreza Concept Listen

Japanese sedan coupe design anticipates future model lines with the same name, the new generation Impreza is expected to occur in 2012.

The appearance of the car is sporty and rugged, and is distinguished by a body with a slightly arched roof line, larger bosses. Concept Impreza's grille is taken from the new Legacy, while the sharp lights with LEDs, massive air intakes and hood are new details that will most likely be found in future series models.

The interior is high-tech and many are distinguished by color displays, together with the blue ambient lighting, gives a sporty atmosphere.

Under the hood of the new Subaru Impreza Concept was placed a 2.0-liter boxer engine with four-cylinder boxer unit derived from 2.5 liters. Connected to a CVT transmission, it promises a low fuel consumption and lower carbon dioxide emissions.